IJ / ECLAN Symposium & Conference

ECLAN Symposium

The European Public Prosecutor's Office
29-30 March 2017
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The Symposium was divided in three topics: (1) competence and its exercise, including ancillary competence; (2) investigative powers and admissibility of evidence; and (3) independence and accountability of the EPPO. It aimed to produce a synthesis of ECLAN’s view on the current state of the legislative procedure leading to the establishment of the EPPO.

ECLAN Conference

European Criminal Law in the Global Context: Values, Principles and Policies
Coimbra, 30-31 March 2017
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The purpose of the Conference was to address the interaction between European criminal law and international law and bodies, and the reciprocal influences they might bear on each other. As the title suggests, it was structured in three sessions: