The Reform of 1911 transplanted the model brought from abroad and created a similar body, within the University of Coimbra Faculty of Law, named Instituto Jurídico (Legal Institute).The purpose of combining teaching and researching yielded splendid fruit.
The Institute amounted in all regards to a centre for scientific activity and was deemed to be most useful for teachers and students alike, fostering a propitious atmosphere for vibrant debate.
The work of the Instituto Jurídico consisted of exercises, lectures and scholarly discussion aiming at the mastering of research methods. At its organisational level, and reflecting the mosaic of course groups, the Institute included the following departments: 1. Legal History and Comparative Civil Law; 2. Law and Economics; 3. Political Science; 4. Legal Science. Two kinds of programs were created for each department: one, elementary, for junior students; the other, called “higher course”, was designed for the preparation of original studies*. To achieve its mission, the Institute eventually relied on a fundamental tool: its own library, the Law School Library.

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* Decree of 18 April 1911, article 34.