Statutes of the University of Coimbra Institute for Legal Research

Chapter I | General Provisions

Article 1 | Name, nature, duration and location

1 – The University of Coimbra Institute for Legal Research (UCILeR hereafter) is a Unit of Research and Development, established under article 4(1) of Decree-Law n.º 125/99 and article 19 of the University of Coimbra Faculty of Law Statutes, governed by the current statutes and the law.
2 – UCILeR is created for an indefinite period and has its seat in the University of Coimbra Faculty of Law (UCFL hereafter).

Article 2 | Purpose

1 – The purpose of UCILeR is to promote and organise scientific research at UCFL.
2 – Within the scope of its mission, UCILeR pursues the following goals:

a) fostering the relations and articulation between researchers with common interests;
b) promoting interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research;
c) promoting the investment in applied research;
d) drafting research projects and collaborating with other R & D units, national and international, in the development of studies of common interest;
e) establishing partnerships with companies and other institutions, private and public, aiming at producing innovation and social development;
f) organising conferences, seminars and courses, national and international, so as to promote interdisciplinary programmes in the law area;
g) disseminating knowledge through its editorial activity;
h) hosting external researchers in the master’s and doctoral programmes.

3 – UCILeR pursues its mission and goals in accordance with the policy defined by the Scientific Board of the UCFL.

Article 3 | Members

1 – The status of UCILeR Member can be granted to:

a) Teachers of UCFL in current service;
b) Emeriti or retired UCFL Professors;
c) Holders of a PhD degree from UCFL;
d) Well-renowned researchers and experts, by invitation of UCILeR Scientific Board.

2 – By giving notice of their willingness to join UCILeR, teachers of UCFL who hold a PhD degree are members in their own right.
3 – The Scientific Board establishes, by means of a regulation, the conditions for admission of the other members.
4 – It is the responsibility of UCILeR members to carry out, in organised fashion, the research activities to which they are called upon by the competent UCILeR bodies.

Article 4 | UCILeR Associates and Collaborators

1 – The status of UCILeR Associate can be granted to:

a) Research centres hosted by UCFL;
b) Other units or entities the activity of which is connected to the research carried out at UCILeR.

2 – By giving notice of their willingness to join UCILeR, research centres are associates in their own right.
3 – The status of UCILeR Collaborator can be granted to:

a) PhD candidates integrated in UCILeR research groups
b) Other researchers, provided that their inclusion in UCILeR research groups is required or convenient for the research activities being undertaken.

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Chapter II | UCILeR Organisation

Article 5 | Bodies

1 – UCILeR bodies are:

a) The Scientific Board
b) The Coordinating Board
c) The External Advisory Committee

Article 6 | Scientific Board

1 – The Scientific Board is UCILeR’s decision-making body and is composed by the members who are teachers at UCFL and hold a PhD.
2 – Under the terms to be laid down by a regulation, renowned experts or UCILeR members who do not hold a PhD may be enrolled in the Scientific Board, provided they take responsibility for the management of certain research projects.
3 – The Scientific Board meets four times per year and has extraordinary meetings whenever necessary.
4 – The Chair of the Scientific Board is elected for a two year term by his peers.
5 – In compliance with the general lineaments issued by the UCFL competent bodies, the Scientific Board is responsible for:

a) organising UCILeR research activities;
b) passing regulations and deciding over any issues relating to the goals of UCILeR;
c) creating and extinguishing research groups or research guidelines;
d) enrolling new members;
e) assessing and approving the research program, the budget and the corresponding annual report.

Article 7 | Coordinating Board

1 – Composed of the Coordinator and four Members, the Coordinating Board is responsible for the management of UCILeR.
2 –The Coordinating Board is responsible for the programming and overall management of UCILeR’s resources, as well as for drafting research programmes and reports on their execution.
3 – The competences of the Coordinator are as follows:

a) To convene and chair the Board’s meetings;
b) To ensure the articulation between UCILeR and UCFL, both at the   institutional and the scientific levels;
c) To ensure the representation of UCILeR before external entities or bodies, in particular those who provide for research funding.

4 – The Coordinator is, by inherence, the elected Chair of the Scientific Board.
5 – Following a proposal submitted by the Coordinator, the Members of the Coordinating Board are appointed by the Scientific Board; one of them may be a non- UCILeR member, provided that he or she has appropriate qualifications.

Article 8 | External Advisory Committee

1 – Appointed by the Scientific Board, the External Advisory Committee is composed of five Members external to UCLF, of well-renowned reputation in the scientific community. The Committee is responsible for overseeing the progress of the Unit’s activities.
2 – The External Advisory Committee issues an opinion regarding the annual report, the strategic plan and the budget, in compliance with the Regulation of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) regarding Plurianual Funding of R&D Units.
3 – The Committee is appointed for a two-year term.

Chapter III | Functioning

Article 9 | Organisation of the research

The Scientific Board passes the appropariate regulations in order to organise the research, where the duties of the members, the terms under which the groups are to function and the funding system for research projects are established.

Article 10 | Relations with other research centres

The Coordinating Board fosters and ensures the cooperation of UCILeR with other research centres (namely, those which are hosted at UCFL), as well as the establishment of partnerships between them.

Article 11 | Facilities and Resources

UCFL provides UCILeR with facilities, the library and other resources required to carry out scientific research.

Article 12 | Amendment of the Statutes

Following a proposal submitted by the Scientific Board, these Statutes may be amended at any moment by the competent UCFL bodies.